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Queensway Quay Marina, Gibraltar

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Position - 36º 09' N 5º 21' W

Charts, Pilots & Cruising Guides - See the following link for Gibraltar Charts

Approach - The rock can be seen from many miles and the bay lies to the west of it. The coastline in the main is steep. When the wind is from the east be aware of squalls and wind shifts as you pass through the bay. Pass between the southern breakwater and the detached breakwater, the marina entrance then lies 0.4m to the east. A customs shed will be found within the marina.

Marina - 120 berths but at the time of writing (Feb 2006) there is some housing development underway on the breakwater. This has temporarily reduced the number of available berths but when completed there will be an increase from the original 120. Without the building works this is a nice marina away from the hustle and bustle. Security is excellent with all the pontoons being gated. Within the complex you will find several restaurants and bars.

Services - Diesel, petrol, and camping gaz are all available from the fuelling berth which can be found to the north of Gibraltar bay close to the airport's runway. In Gibraltar town itself you will find plenty of shops, several branches of major UK banks and building societies. Gibraltar has it's own airport and there are several daily flights to and from the UK.

Eating Out - Numerous bars, most of them have a British feel about them, cafes and restaurants on the Rock and you'll find something to suit most tastes. Fast food outlets, fish and chips English or should I say British style. Indian and Chinese restaurants, the Spanish influence can be seen with tapas bars and there are a couple of nice Moroccan places. Gibraltar has a significant Jewish population and so you will find Kosher food

Local Area - Gibraltar was ceded from the Spanish to the British in the early 18th century and for most of it's history since that time Spain has been trying to get it back. There is evidence of this wherever you go on the rock. The rock itself is honeycombed with tunnels constructed at one time or another for the purposes of adding to the defences of Gibraltar. Many of the older tunnels are open to the public and feature exhibitions of how life was for the soldiers of the day. Many of the tunnels are most definitely not open to the public and there is considerable speculation as to what might be seen in these. You can see Rosia Bay where Admiral Lord Nelson's body was bought ashore from HMS Victory following his famous victory over a combined French and Spanish fleet at the Battle of Trafalgar. Nelson's body was returned to Britain for a hero's funeral but many of the seamen who died alongside him in the battle are buried on the rock at the Trafalgar cemetery. Take a cable car ride to the top of the rock, stunning views of Spain and across the straights to Morocco. Up here you will also find the famous colony of Barbary apes. Rumour has it that only when the apes are no more will the British leave the Rock. A rumour taken seriously by Winston Churchill, the Prime Minister of Britain during the Second World War, who on learning of their dwindling population ordered more to be bought to the Rock from Africa.

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