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Marina Rubicon, Playa Blanca, Lanzarotte, Canary Islands



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Marina Rubicon is situated on the southern coast of Lanzarotte. On approaching the marina beware of a second set of port/starboard hand marks, serving a small area for local fishing boats, close to the entrance of the marina.

It is a new marina in the final stages of completion (they were still constructing some pontoons and an internet cafe was imminent). Facilities included a bar serving snacks, shower block and a launderette. Electric and water are available on the pontoons and although there are some question marks about water quality (desalinated) in the eastern Canaries we topped off our tanks prior to the Cape Verdes and an Atlantic crossing. The staff in the reception area were particularly friendly and helpful. They were also planning wireless internet access throughout the marina and while a little vague about costing the suggestion was a fee of 2 euros per day for this facility. I'd have liked to have seen it in operation.

The town of Playa Blanca is a pleasant 20/30 minute walk from the marina along the shore. While obviously developed for tourists the buildings are all low rise and we did not feel overwhelmed by concrete as is often the case in some of the Spanish Costas. There are many bars and restaurants serving a wide range of food - Spanish, Italian, German, Chinese and Pizzas.

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Ferry Service - to Fuerteventura
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Buses depart to other parts of the island and there is a regular ferry from the harbour to Fuerteventura and it's beaches, reckoned to be the finest in the Canaries

Other attractions on Lanzarotte include the site of a now dormant volcano. Not so dormant back in the 18th century though, this monster is credited with an eruption that lasted 6, yes SIX years. The site, a national park, includes a restaurant where you can have your meat barbecued by the volcano's residual heat. You can see displays of water turned to steam and wood bursting into flames when placed just below the surface of the ground. The soil temperature 15cm below the surface is still 100 deg C. A coach trip throughout the park, with some stunning opportunities of photos, lasted 45 minutes with an audio commentary and cost 6 euros

We also took a tour of some extensive caves formed by volcanic activity, about 45 minutes in duration the tour is completed with the secret of Lanzarotte. No sorry - it wouldn't be a secret if I told you would it.

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