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Puerto de L'Estany Gras, Tarragona, Catalunya, Spain

General - Puerto de L'Estany Gras is an attractive old harbour set in a narrow cala. It lies on the Costa Dorada on the E coast of Spain. The approach is easy but entrance should not be attempted with onshore winds or swell. There are no facilities. Depth limited to 1.5m.

Position - 40º 52' N 0º 47' E

Charts - British Admiralty 1701, 1704 Spanish 838 French 4720

Approach & Entrance;
From the south - Round the delta of the Rio Ebro and from off Cabo Tortosa set a NW course. The town of L'Ametlla will be seen approaching the mainland coast and Puerto de L'Estany Gras is 1 mile to the SW.
From the north - Follow the coast in a SW direction past a conspicuous nuclear power station near Cabo del Terme and the town of L'Ametlla. Puerto de L'Estany Gras is 1 mile to the SW
To enter -
Approach on a NW course and enter on the W side

Berths - There is insufficient depth of the quay. It is recommended yachts anchor in the centre of the harbour in 1.5m

Marina Contact ;
Tel -
Fax -
VHF Ch -

Maximum Length -

Water -

Electric -

Diesel & Petrol -

Chandlers - Not Known.
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Fishing Tackle - Not Known

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Security -

Internet -

Other Facilities & Services -

Shopping - At L'Ametlla 1 mile away

Eating Out - S

Transport -
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Train Service - Not known
Water Taxi - Not known
Ferry Service -Not known
Airport(s) - Not known
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Local Area -

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