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We are Yacht Charter Agents specializing in Alicante and the Mediterranean coast of Spain. In addition to Alicante have boats in the following locations; Denia; Valencia

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General - Alicante is town located on the eastern coast of Spain, on the Costa Blanca. It is bordered by the provinces of Murcia on the southwest, Albacete on the west, Valencia on the north, and the Mediterranean Sea on the east.

The city is a historic Mediterranean port and traded in rice, wine, olive oil, oranges and wool. Today most goods go through the port of Valencia to the north but the harbour at Alicante is one of the most important ports in Spain for cruises ships. Visit the the Castle of Santa Bárbara, which sits high above the city

In addition to numerous anchorages, the following can be visited on your yacht charter; Cartagena, Denia, Torrevieja, Benidorm and the islands of Ibiza and Formentera. The inland sea known as the Mar Menor is also worth a visit.

The most important festival, the Bonfires of Saint John, takes place during the summer solstice. This is followed a week later by seven nights of firework and pyrotechnic contests between companies on the urban beach Playa del Postiguet. Another well-known festival is Moros y Cristianos in Altozano or San Blas district. Overall, the city boasts a year-round nightlife, helped by tourists, fun-loving residents, and a large student population of the University of Alicante. The nightlife social scene tends to shift to nearby Playa de San Juan (St. John's Beach) during the summer months.

Every summer in Alicante, a two-month-long programme of music, theatre and dance is staged in the Paseo del Puerto.

Suggested Itineraries & Routes - Click the following link for a selection of suggested yacht charter itineraries in Valencia

Marinas - Detailed reports and information on Yacht Marinas, Harbours and Anchorages in Alicante can be found in our Cruising Guide

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Experience & Qualifications - Normally the proposed skipper of a bareboat charter is required to hold a sailing license. ICC or equivalent. In certain circumstances we may be able to consider experience rather than formal qualifications. In addition, usually, one member of the crew will need a VHF license. If you have any doubts as to whether you have the necessary qualifications please do not hesitate to contact us

Visa Requirements - Standard EU regulations cover passport and visa requirements. See here

Charter Season - You can charter our yachts year round. November through February while often sunny can also see stormy conditions. July and August are very hot and the area is very crowded. March through to June and September and October are recommended

Climate - Summers are very long, hot to very hot and very dry, winters are cool to mild. Rainfall is very scarce, typically below 300mm per year and most likely to happen during spring and autumn. See the following link for detailed information on the weather of Alicante complete with monthly averages

How to Get There - Alicante has an international airport, El Altet, linking to to both other Spanish airports and major European cities. Click on the following link for airlines and carriers operating out of Alicante airport

Time Difference - GMT+1

Currency - Euro

Language - Spanish. English is widely spoken

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History - The Iberians were the oldest documented people living in the Alicante province. The area has also been home to the Phoenicians, Greeks, Carthaginians, Romans, Visigoths and the Moors. The latter giving Alicante its name, Alicante is Arabic for "city of lights". Later the territory became under the control of the Kingdom of Valencia, which was a component Kingdom of the Crown of Aragon.

In the Spanish Civil War Alicante was the last city loyal to the Republican government to be occupied by General Franco's troops on April 1, 1939, and its harbour saw the last Republican government officials fleeing the country. Alicante was the target of some vicious air bombings during the three years of civil conflict, including the bombing by the Italian Aviazione Legionaria of the Mercado de Abastos in May 25, 1938 in which more than 300 civilians perished.

There are a number of notable museums in Alicante. Archaeological Museum of Alicante shed light on history of the region, presenting artifacts from 100,000 years ago up until 19th century. The archaeological museum won the European Museum of the Year award in 2004. On exhibition in Gravina Museum of Fine Arts there are painting and sculptures of Alicante from 16th century to 19th century.

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Terms & Conditions -These vary depending on the individual boat. Normally a deposit is required at the time of booking with the balance due a month before the date of your charter. Please contact us if you require further information.

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Get a quote for your Alicante yacht charter here. Or contact us by email