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Marinas in Grenada

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Grenada is situated in the Caribbean Sea at 12° 06' N 61° 41' W. The islands closest neighbours are St Vincent and the Grenadines to the north, Barbados to the northwest, and Venezuela and Trinidad and Tobago to the south. The climate of Grenada is tropical, with an average annual temperature of 28°C. The rainy season lasts from June to December.

Grenada is a beautiful island with lush mountains and silvery beaches and a series of wonderful bays along the southwest and south coasts. Carriacou is the southermost and largest of the Grenadines; relatively undeveloped, it is attractive with its green hills, sandy beaches, and sheltered natural harbours such as Tyrell Bay. Petit Martinique is not often visited by yachts cruising the popular nearby Grenadines, which belong to St Vincent, as this means having to sail down to Carriacou to clear in and then sail back.

A Cruising Permit must be purchased. The permit is valid for one month or until the yacht leaves Grenada, whichever is sooner. It may be renewed on payment of the appropriate fee.

Ports of entry include; On Grenada - Prickly Bay, St Davids, St George's, True Blue Bay and Port Egmont or Le Phare Bleu Bay. Hillsborough on Carriacou

A clearance form can be downloaded off the internet at http://www.grenadagrenadines.com and filled out prior to arrival.

Once you are checked into Grenada you can sail between the various islands of Grenada without restriction.

Our aim is to build a comprehensive collection of reports on Harbours, Marinas, Anchorages & Moorings in Grenada and we want your help to do it.

Send us your comments or observations on any marina, harbour or anchorage you've recently visited. We would especially welcome two or three photos to go with your report, please just send them as attachments with your email. Our email address can be found on our contact page.

View other Marinas, Harbours and Anchorages in the Cruising Guide.

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