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Nautical Terms Translated
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Many thanks to Yvonne Badower for her help with the Polish
Cornelis de Maijer and Dany van Dam with help on the Dutch
Sören Brinkmann with help on the German
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general generalità
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1 chandlers shipchandler chandlers sklep ¿eglarski 1
2 captain kaptein capitaine Kapitän capitano kapitan 2
3 certificate of registry registratie certificaat acte de francisation certificato della registrazione rejestracja 3
4 crew bemanning equipage Mannschaft/Crew squadra za³oga 4
5 marine marine marin marino morska 5
6 marine surveyor marine expert expert maritime ispettore marino badacz morskie 6
7 mariner marinier marin mariner marinarz 7
8 maritime marietiem maritime maritim marittimo morska 8
9 master mariner capitaine de long cours mariner matrice kapitan ¿egluga wielki 9
10 pleasure sailing plezier zeilen plaisance navigazione di piacere ¿eglowanie 10
11 regatta regatta / wedstrijd régate Regatta regatta regata 11
12 row roeien faire aller à la rame rudern fila wios³owaæ 12
13 sailing zeilen navigation segeln navigazione ¿eglowaæ 13
14 sailing centre zeil centrum centre nautique navigazione del centro centrum ¿eglarski 14
15 sailing club zeil club club nautique Segelclub navigazione del randello klub ¿eglarski 15
16 sailing school zeil school école de voile Segelschule navigazione della scuola szko³a ¿eglarski 16
17 sailor zeiler marin Segler marinaio marinarz 17
18 salt water zout water eau de mer Salzwasser acqua salata woda s³ona 18
19 sea spray embruns spruzzo del mare natrysk morskie 19
20 ship's papers scheepspapieren papiers de bateau carte della nave dokumenty statkowe 20
21 skipper schipper chef de bord Skipper capitano kapitan 21
22 watch (crew) wacht hommes de quart Wache vigilanza (squadra) wachta 22
23 watch (period) quart vigilanza (periodo) wachta 23
24 water water eau Wasser acqua woda 24
25 water (fresh) zoetwater eau douce acqua (fresca) woda s³odka/ woda pitna 25
26 water (salt) zeewater eau de mer acqua (sale) woda s³ona 26
27 waterproof waterdicht imperméable wasserdicht impermeabile wodoszczelny 27
28 wave golf lame Welle onda fala 28
29 wet suit natpak combinaison Neoprenanzug muta umida kombinezon preciwodny 29