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Barbate, Marina, Barbate, Cadiz, Andalucia, Spain

We would like your comments - If you would like to add to this report or submit your own report on a marina, harbour or anchorage not covered in this guide so far please visit our contact page for our email address. Digital photos are also very welcome.

General - Barbate Marina is located at Barbate on the Atlantic coast of the province of Cadiz, Andalucia in southern Spain. The facility offers berths, boatyard and a storage operation. This is a good refuge while waiting for the right wind to pass through the Straits of Gibraltar into the Mediterranean, but it has little else to recommend it. While I was there was a large amount of rubbish floating at the end of the basin, pushed there by the wind. The town is at best uninspiring and a good 15-20 minute walk from the marina, past the facilities that support the fishing fleet with a distinct scruffy feel. The marina staff are on the whole friendly and helpful.

Open - All year round

Hours - Marina 24/7. Office 09.00 -13.30 and 16.00 - 18.00 Mon - Sat. 09.00 - 13.30 Sunday. These hours are extended during the summer months

Arrival out of hours - Not known.

Formalities - Pull up the visitors pontoon to port before entering the marina proper. Take ships papers, passports and insurance to the office where you will be allocated a berth.

Contact ;
Tel - 956 431 907
Fax - 956 431 918
Email -
VHF Ch - 09
Call sign - Puerto Deportivo Barbate

Position - 36º 11' N 005º 56' W.

Charts; -
Admiralty - 92, 142, 773
Spanish - 44C 105, 444, 4441
Imray - C19

Reference port - Cadiz
Mean time differences - HW: + 05minutes ± 0 ; L= 15W: minutes ± 0
Heights in metres -
1.9 1.5 1.0 0.6

Depths at MLW - 3m.

Protection/Shelter - Good, although some swell may effect the berths at the outer end of the basins in strong easterlies.

Approach and Entrance -

From the West - Rocky shoals extend SW from Cabo Trafalgar culminating in the treacherous Bajo Acietera 1.5 miles offshore. The Placer de Meca bank 3.2 miles to the W may break in heavy weather and should be avoided.
From the South East - Avoid the Bajo de Los Cabezos 5 miles W of Tarifa and 2 miles S of Punta Paloma that breaks even during calm conditions. Between Punta Camarinal and Barbate the coast is relatively steep to. A tunny net is sometimes (March - August) laid off the village of Zahara 4.5 miles to the SE of Barbate. It is usually lit by cardinals at night.
Entrance - Another tunny net is laid just outside the harbour entrance to the south. It presents no problem when approaching from the SE but yachts coming from the west will have to steer a course to the south of it, although local boats go between the net and the breakwater. To enter head north for the breakwater light and leave it to port on a course of 297º. Bouys mark the channel through the outer harbour. The entrance to the marina is to port near the large concrete building that serves as the office.

Berths & Moorings - It is not known if reservations are required.

Maximum length - 32m.

Water - On the pontoons.

Electric - On the pontoons.

Fuel - On the fuel berth.

Weather forecast - Daily at the marina office.

Security - Good in the theory with gated pontoons accessed by card and CCTV coverage monitored by the office. Although when I visited they had run out of cards and the gated were "wedged" open. And there is plenty of opportunity to climb down onto the pontoons bypassing the gates altogether. That said I was unaware of any actual problems.

Internet Access - In the town, ask at the marina office and they will give you a map of the town and direct you.

Other Marina Facilities, Services & Supplies - Toilets. Showers. Launderette.

Boatyard Facilities & Services - 32 tonne travel hoist. Engineers. Electronic Repairs. Radio Repairs. Additional skills available at the yard serving the fishing fleet. In early 2009, EPPA, the company that runs this facility, made some changes to regulations covering work in boatyards. The exact regulations are unclear and although we requested some clarification we did not receive a response from EPPA. Bottom line is you should assume you, the vessel owner, cannot work on your boat in the yard. Nor can you stay on board the vessel while on the hard. If you want to sub-contract any work to third party companies you should seek conformation from EPPA that the proposed company is approved to do work in the yard.

Shopping and Provisions - Most provisions can be obtained in Barbate a 15 minute walk away. There is a supermarket on the edge of the town.

Bank or ATM - In the town.

Chandlers or Ships' Store - On site.
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Fishing Tackle - Not Known

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Butane/Camping Gaz/Propane - In the town though it can probably be delivered.

Ice - Not known.

Restaurants & Eating Out -
One restaurant/bar on site that never looked more than empty in the limited time I was there. Fair choice in the town of Barbate 15 minutes walk away

Transport -
Bikes -

Local Bus Service - To Cadiz, Seville, Algeciras and Tarifa.
Intercity Bus Service -
Taxis - Book at the marina office
Car Rental - Great Deals Here!!!
Train Service -
Water Taxi -
Ferry Service -
Airport(s) - Gibraltar. Jerez de la Frontera. Seville.
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Local Area -
Sporting & Recreational Facilities -

Sightseeing - Not much in Barbate. Cadiz and Seville can be reached by bus.

Museums and Cultural Attractions -

Conservation Projects -

Special Events -

Children's Stuff -

Other - Beaches either side of the harbour

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