Marinas in Germany

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Clearance - On arrival, the Q flag must be flown, unless arriving from an EU or Scandinavian country. Yachts arriving from a non-EU country must report to customs (Zoll) at one of the ports of entry. It is only necessary to complete immigration procedures when arriving in or departing from Germany. This has to be done at a community port where there is a Bundespolizri Office. In small ports there may not be an office. Passports and 2 crew lists must be produced. 1 crew list will be stamped and has to be shown when signing out of Germany at your last port.

Immigration - Germany is a member of the Schengen Agreement Area.

Documents - Yachts must carry their original registration document, insurance policy and ship's radio licence. A copy of the German ColRegs (Seeshiffahrtsstrassen-Ordnung) must also be carried even if the German is not understood. For EU boats, proof of VAT status is also required. The captains of foreign yachts may have to show a certificate of competence, although the rules stipulate that this is not compulsory if such a certificate is not required in the country where the vessel is registered. A radio operator's certificate is compulsory.

Our aim is to build a comprehensive collection of reports on Harbours, Marinas, Anchorages & Moorings in Germany and we want your help to do it.

Send us your comments or observations on any marina, harbour or anchorage you've recently visited. We would especially welcome two or three photos to go with your report, please just send them as attachments with your email. Our email address can be found on our contact page.

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Lower Saxony

Frisian Islands, Borkum
Frisian Islands, Juist
Frisian Islands, Langeoog
Frisian Islands, Norderney
Frisian Islands, Spiekeroog
Frisian Islands, Wangerooge
North Sea Coast, Büsum
North Sea Coast, Bensersiel
North Sea Coast, Cuxhaven - SVC
North Sea Coast, Cuxhaven - LCF
North Sea Coast, Cuxhaven - City-Marina
North Sea Coast, Accumersiel
North Sea Coast, Greetsiel
North Sea Coast, Hooksiel
North Sea Coast, Horumersiel
North Sea Coast, Meldorf
North Sea Coast, Norddeich
North Sea Coast, Wilhelmshaven
River Ems, City Marina Leer
River Ems, Seglerverein Leer
River Ems, Papenburg Yachthafen
River Ems, Weener Harbour and Marina
River Weser, Brake
River Weser, Bremen - Hasenbüren
River Weser, Elsfleth
River Weser, Lemwerder
River Weser, Vegesack Haven


Frisian Islands, List
Frisian Islands, Wyk
North Sea, Hörnum
North Sea, Coast Helgoland
River Elbe, Glückstadt
River Elbe, Hamburger Yachthafen
River Elbe, Hamburg - Rüschkanal

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